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Donate to charity and live like royalty for at least one night!

Oheka Castle on Long Island, New York

In conjunction with Hallmark Abstract President Michael Haltman’s participation in the Long Island Fight for Charity, the firm is auctioning off a one-night stay in two luxurious rooms for up to four people at the incredible Oheka Castle on Long Island, New York!

‘Almost a century ago, financier and philanthropist Otto Hermann Kahn built OHEKA CASTLE in the middle of a 443 acre plot on the highest point on Long Island in Cold Spring Harbor, for an estimated cost of $11 million dollars ($110 million dollars in today’s currency). At the time of its construction, the French-style chateau was, and still is today, the second-largest private residence ever built in America. During the Gilded Age of the 1920’s, Kahn used the 109,000 square foot, 127 room estate as a summer home where he hosted lavish parties and regularly entertained royalty, heads of state, and Hollywood stars.’

Did you place your bid for the opportunity to live like royalty?

Oheka Castle Charity Update: New HIgh BId!

Stay at Oheka Castle for Charity!

Would You Like to Sleep Like Royalty in America’s Grandest Historic Castle?

Oheka Castle has generously donated Two Chateau Rooms for an overnight stay including breakfast for four the next morning to the Long Island Fight for Charity.

If you are not familiar with Oheka Castle it is truly spectacular and you can explore everything that it has to offer here:

You can learn more about the Long Island Fight for Charity, Michael’s participation and the charities LIFFC has been serving for 10 years here:

The value of the Oheka Castle package is $790 and a new high bid has just been received for $575!

Bidding will be done in $25 increments so that the next bid needs to be at the $600 level.

The stay is good through 11-25-2014 Monday thru Thursday.


Bidding will end September 20, 2013 at 12PM.

Let us know your bid by emailing with your contact information and we will periodically be updating the high bid up until the bidding end date!

If you bid and are outbid you can always enter a new bid.

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Coming this Tuesday! The Long Island Commercial Real Estate Expo!

Long Island commercial real estate


LICREE is coming to the Long Island Hilton, Farmingdale, New York on Tuesday, March 12, 2013!

Whether you are currently involved in the commercial real estate market on Long Island or you’re not but may want to be, LICREE is a must attend event!

Register Now at the link below!

And when you’re there stop by the Hallmark Abstract Service booth and say hello!

The Long Island Commercial Real Estate Expo

Visit the Long Island Commercial Real Estate Expo here.

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HAS is pleased to announce our new underwriter, Chicago Title!

Hallmark Abstract Service New York Title Insurance
Important Hurricane Sandy Note: Although our home office has lost power Hallmark Abstract Service is open and available for any of your title needs. We can be reached by email ( or by cellphone at either 516.521.3499 or 516.521.2363.
In recognition of a job well done!
Beginning today, November 1, 2012, Hallmark Abstract Service will be adding Chicago Title to our group of underwriters available for our clients commercial and residential real estate transactions!
This move represents the culmination of 4 years of tireless work by the employees of Hallmark Abstract Service during one of the most challenging periods in the history of the U.S. real estate market.

We are extremely grateful to those clients who have trusted us with their precious transactions during this period and pledge to maintain our high standards and dedication to you in the future.

For those who have never given Hallmark Abstract Service the opportunity to earn your business, we hope that you will consider that in the future.

We are always ready, willing and able to stop by any office in the downstate area to meet, learn about your business and tell you a little bit about the way in which HAS conducts ours.

Hallmark Abstract Service LLC
Michael Haltman, President
131 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 205
Jericho, New York 11753
516.741.4723 (P)
516.741.6838 (F)
At Hallmark Abstract Service, we work harder to make your closings easier!
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Let Hallmark Abstract Service treat you like a newlywed!

Hallmark Abstract Service New York State title insurance

Hallmark Abstract would like to compete for a place in the conversation when you are choosing a title insurance firm for a client’s transaction!

We understand that if you are an attorney who does transactional real estate you likely have at least one title insurance firm whom you work with!

– The question is do they continue to treat your relationship as if you were still on your honeymoon, or is it more like an old married couple who take each other for granted?

We understand that the title insurance premiums in a transaction are non-negotiable!

– But are the firms that you currently do business with competitive when it comes to the other fees that are involved in your clients’ transactions?

We understand and respect loyalty, but does your firm have a viable Plan B, C or D in place in the event of a crisis related to title?

– While we are not ER surgeons on-call for an emergency operation, if the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath taught us anything it’s that nothing stays the same!

What or who was there yesterday may, for any number of reasons, not be there tomorrow!

Does your firm have contingency plans in place for a time, that potentially may never come, when your current go-to title firm is not available?

At Hallmark Abstract Service we take pride in the way that we conduct our business and in the continued level of satisfaction enjoyed by our clients.

Call us to set up an appointment and we will come to your office to learn about the nuances of your practice and explain to you the way we approach the title business!

Hallmark Abstract Service LLC

Michael Haltman, Owner
131 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 205
Jericho, New York 11753
516.741.4723 (P)
516.741.6838 (F)

Website:   Hallmark Abstract Service
Blog:         The Hallmark Abstract Sentinel

At Hallmark Abstract Service, we work harder to make your closings easier!

Business, business advice

Our business thought of the month!


Hallmark Abstract Service LLC. 516-741-4723.
We’ve never been to a closing where the title wasn’t cleared!
…because business is more than just new orders!
The Hallmark Abstract Service Management Thought of the Month!

Any sole practitioner, business owner, company president , CEO or managing partner needs to ask himself or herself an extremely important question!

A question that can sometimes get lost in the need to operate a businss day to day with limited time or opportunity to look down the road at bigger, strategic issues!

The question that we at Hallmark ask ourselves on a continual basis is what we can do as a firm to provide value-added to our clients and by extension, to their clients!

And how, in a business like title insurance, can we differentiate ourselves from competitors and both over-promise and over-deliver with every closing that we do?

Taking the time to establish and implemet initiatives and business practices that will hopefully separate you from your competitors!

Many businesses today, including in the area of law, compete in crowded arenas that create an imperative to differentiate oneself from everybody else.

For some businesses, title insurance being one of them, this differentiation needs to be very specific and targeted due to the fact that in many ways the product provided is considered a commodity that’s priced essentially the same regardless of who an attorney or buyer chooses to use.

In Hallmark’s case we pride ourselves on making sure that the closing table experience is seamless and painless without any surprises because any potential issues have been taken care well before the closing ever takes place.

We provide our clients with the greatest level of customer service possible and maintain the “other” fees required for title at levels well below those of most of our competitors.

And we always treat our clients as the valuable part of our business that they are.

The Management Moral of the Story!

So the bottom-line, particularly in an economy that is continuing to struggle, is to ask yourself if you or your firm is providing as much value-added to your clients as is possible?

Are you in some way differentiating yourself and your firm from competitors?

If not then how can you do this, and if you already are, how can you do it better?

Mike Haltman, Managing Partner

Hallmark Abstract Service, LLC

131 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 205

Jericho, NY 11753

Hallmark Abstract Service LLC. Phone: 516.741.4723

Fax: 516.741.6838

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