Long Island Fight for Charity, Title Insurance New York

Video of Michael Haltman in the 2013 Long Island Fight for Charity


On Monday, November 25 Hallmark Abstract President Michael Haltman faced-off in the boxing ring in support of the three charities helped by the Long Island Fight for Charity!

Although at times it appeared that his opponent was more interested in wrestling than boxing, the event was an unbelievable success drawing over 1,200 fans and raising over $300,000, both records.

In addition Michael exceeded his fundraising goal as well with a final total in excess of $16,000 and is already looking forward to next year!

Long Island Fight for Charity, Title Insurance New York

Networking Event October 7, 2013 for the Long Island Fight for Charity at Carlyle At The Palace!


The time has come for Hallmark Abstract Service President Michael Haltman to learn who his opponent will be in the ring for the November 25th Long Island Fight for Charity!

On October 7 at Carlyle At The Palace in Plainview, Long Island (1600 Round Swamp Rd) the twenty-two Long Island businessmen and women who are going to be entering the ring for charity on November 25, 2013 at the Long Island Hilton will be learning the identity of their opponent.

You will not only be helping to raise money for the great charities supported by LIFFC but will be attending a great networking event as well with a crowd expected to be well into the hundreds!

The night is only $10 if you pre-register at Long Island Fight for Charity here which includes appetizers, beer and wine and soda ($20 at the door).

If you have any questions contact Michael at mhaltman@hallmarkabstractllc.com.

Long Island Fight for Charity

Long Island Fight for Charity

Are you ready for some Long Island, New York boxing?

MIchael Haltman,Hallmark Abstract Service,title insurance New York

In the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Long Island Fight for Charity of course!

What had once been a long way off is now mere weeks away as Hallmark Abstract Service President Mike ‘The Closer’ Haltman is training to get into the ring for charity.

The event will take place on November 25, 2013 at the Long Island Hilton in Melville, New York!

Fight Night!

The night of November 25th will begin with a buffet dinner catered by some of the top restaurants on Long Island, followed by 12 bouts between Long Island businessmen and women who have trained hard for the fight but, more importantly, who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity!

Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday the 2013 Edition of the Long island Fight for Charity is one of the years premier and most anticipated events on Long Island and you don’t want to wait for the last minute only to find out that the tickets are no longer available.

Tale of the Tape!

These are the descriptions of the 2013 Fight for Charity benefiting charities and, in addition, for every dollar that Michael Haltman raises above $10,000 the Pat Covelli Foundation will receive 50%.


Read more about the Long Island Fight for Charity here!

Buy tickets to the event or make a donation here!

If you have questions about any aspect of the Long Island Fight for Charity you can ask Michael directly either by email here, mhaltman@hallmarkabstractllc.com or by phone at 516.741.4723!

Long Island, Long Island Fight for Charity, Title Insurance New York

Hallmark Abstract’s Michael Haltman is Boxing For Charity to Support The Genesis School for Children with Autism!


And we need your support!

Saturday July 20th Hallmark Abstract Service is participating in a 30-mile ride on Long Island to help raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

And, while we will continue to raise money after the ride for our veterans who who have returned from conflict with a variety of special needs and injuries inflicted while selflessly protecting our way of life at home, on Sunday attention will officially turn to raising money in support of the charities that will benefit from the Long Island Fight for Charity!

Long Island Fight for Charity!

On November 25 Hallmark Abstract Service President Michael Haltman will be stepping into the ring for a 3-round bout at the Long Island Hilton that will be the culmination of 10 months of fundraising for the Fight for Charity and training at the Glen Cove Boxing Club.

There will be 1,000 fans and a total of 12 New York State Boxing Association sanctioned bouts between Long Island businesspeople who have been matched by weight and age.

The goal is to raise a minimum of $200,000!

If you are able, please donate any amount that you are comfortable with or buy a ticket to the ‘Main Event’ using the link below.

If you are interested in buying ad space on Michael’s robe or trunks, becoming a member of his entourage, purchasing a Fight for Charity T-shirt, learning more about sponsorship or journal advertising opportunities or simply have questions, contact us at orders@hallmarkabstractllc.com.

Donate to the Long Island Fight for Charity!

For more information about the Long Island Fight for Charity visit the website here and to donate click here

When you make your donation or buy your ‘Main Event’ tickets please remember to check off Michael Haltman as your boxer of choice. 

Thank you for your help!

The Long Island Fight for Charity is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of supporting these three great charities:


Long Island Fight for Charity

Hallmark Abstract Service President in National Mortgage Professional Magazine!

Hallmark Abstract President and CEO Michael Haltman Gets in the Ring for Charity


Hallmark Abstract Service LLC President and CEO Michael Haltman is one of 23 business professionals who have been selected to box for the 10th Long Island Fight for Charity, which will be held on Nov. 25th at the Long Island Hilton in Melville, N.Y. This event is one of Long Island’s leading charity fundraising and networking events, as more than 1,200 are expected to attend and $200,000-plus is projected to be raised to support members of the community through the event’s three beneficiaries: Long Island Community Chest, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE), and The Genesis School.

Haltman will be a featured boxer within the more than 10 bouts that will pit local business professionals against each other for charity.

“When I overheard one of the founders of the Long Island Fight for Charity at a networking event speaking about the program and the charities that this event has been responsible for helping for almost 10 years, I knew that I needed to get involved,” said Haltman. “With so many families out there who have children with autism and others around Long Island with immediate and dire financial needs, what better way to give back than by raising money while challenging my own physical limits at the same time.  The Fight for Charity is an organization comprised of many solid citizens who selflessly give of their time in order to give back to the Long Island community and that is something I am proud to be part of.”

As part of his long-term commitment within this unique, charitable headlining event, which since its inception has raised more than $700,000 and attracted more than 150 “boxers” representing a variety of professional work industries, Haltman will raise a minimum of $5,000 and engage in a rigorous training schedule that will be in well excess of 150 hours and involve heavy bags and speed bags, weight training, abdominal work, sparring, running, biking, jumping rope and tennis.

No stranger to investing in charitable causes, Haltman is the founder of the New York City and Long Island Chapters of the Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation and has participated in various event fundraisers benefitting the Canine Companions for Independence and its Purple Heart Pups.

“When we started the Fight for Charity 10 years ago, we anticipated it would establish itself as an event people would look forward to going to every year,” said Jamie Austin, Long Island’s Fight for Charity co-founder. “This event has been successful over the years because of the dedication of the volunteer boxers and hard work of volunteers. Today, more than ever before, we need to raise money and support members of our community and the charities that work to serve their needs.”

Donate to the Long Island Fight for Charity here. Simply check-off Michael Haltman’s name when you are filling out the form.

National Mortgage Professional magazine

Long Island Fight for Charity, Title Insurance New York

Hallmark Abstract in the News at BoxingScene.com

Long Island Fight for Charity and Michael Haltman of Hallmark Abstract Service

Hallmark Abstract Service President Mike Haltman, in his role as fighter and fundraiser with the Long Island Fight for Charity, appears in the newest edition of BoxingScene.com!

Approached by Tom Gerbasi, Senior Editor at BoxingScene.com, Michael shared some of his background in the world of boxing and rationale for participating in this years 10th Anniversary Edition of the Long Island Fight for Charity.

If after reading the article, you are inspired to either sponsor the Fight for Charity or simply make a donation to the cause, please visit a prior article at The Hallmark Abstract Sentinel here and scroll down to the bottom for links to donate or contact Michael at mhaltman@hallmarkabstractllc.com.

‘A Boxer is Born in Long Island’ by Thomas Gerbasi

If you’re a fan of boxing, there was inevitably a time when you watched a great fight and said “I could do that.” Or if you weren’t so bold, maybe you just whispered to yourself that you wanted to do that, that for one moment, you wanted to see what it was like to put on the gloves, step between the ropes, and engage in a pure one-on-one combat session with someone else.

For most, that thought quickly fades away when you realize a) you might have to get off the couch or b) that as fun as it is to hit, it’s not so much fun getting hit back.

As far as being a fan, Long Island’s Mike Haltman is like most of us, having been stung by the boxing bug early on. In his case, it was when he was working as a bellhop at Grossinger’s resort, which doubled as the training home to an endless list of world-class boxers.

“Back then the fighters all came up there to train, and I was around it,” he said. “There was a bar across the street that had a boxing club in it, so I went there, and I fooled around a little bit.”

That was it. For the moment. After his brief brush with the sweet science, he remained a fan, but he also got on with life, going to school and to work, and eventually becoming president of the title insurance company, Hallmark Abstract Service. He also married and had three kids, and as far as boxing was concerned, that was something for Saturday nights on television or to be practiced on the heavy bag and speed bag in his basement. That was at least until he was at a networking function and overheard someone talking about an event where local businessmen and women competed in the ring to raise money for charity.

“I heard a guy talking about it, he told me what it was and I said I wanted to do it,” said Haltman.

“When I heard about this it rekindled a desire. I have a heavy bag and speed bag in my garage, I’ve always had that, and this seemed like a great combination to raise money for a great cause, get into shape, and have my one chance to be in the ring.”

The cause, Long Island Fight for Charity, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 25th, raising money for various local charities, and with the effects of Hurricane Sandy still being felt around the area, it’s important for Haltman and his fellow boxers (23 at the latest count) to do their part to keep awareness high.

“It’s extremely important,” he said. “Sandy, for those who haven’t been directly affected, is starting to fade from people’s memories. My son and I have done some charity work at one of the houses, pulling up floorboards, cleaning, and that sort of thing, and there’s unbelievable devastation, so I think what this charity does is extremely important.”

There are easier ways to give back than getting punched in the face, but the 53-year-old Haltman isn’t looking for the easy way, so he signed up to fight in November, hitting the Glen Cove Boxing Club to work with Frank Pena.

“He runs the gym to keep kids off the streets,” said Haltman of Pena. “But when I went in there, they treated me like they treat the other guys.”

That means he got put to work right away, quickly finding out that boxing isn’t as easy as it may look on television. So when asked if he gained a deeper appreciation of the sport after a few days in the thick of it, he responded without hesitation, “A hundred percent. If you want to be good, it’s a seven day a week deal. You have to make a real commitment and it’s a life change.”

Slowly but surely though, Haltman is starting to pick things up, saying “the difference is amazing” when comparing himself now to when he first stepped into the gym. He is a work in progress though.

“You hit and you’re supposed to move – jab and move or jab and duck,” he said. “It’s almost like dancing, and I’m not a very good dancer. (Laughs) I don’t really have a big problem punching, but learning the moves is the toughest thing.”

He has gotten some good advice from a fellow New Yorker who knows a thing or two about the sport.

“I talked to Gerry Cooney and he said it doesn’t matter how short a round is and if it’s for charity; when you get into a ring, your heart’s pounding, you get tired, and you’re anxious, so you’ve got to get in the ring and spar and get in shape.”

Haltman admits that his wife of 25 years and their three kids weren’t too thrilled about the idea of him stepping into the ring, but he’s not about to be deterred from doing something only a select few can say they did.

“My first goal is to go in there and not look like a fool,” he laughs. “My second one is that I’d like to be competitive. I’d like to actually fight and I want a tough guy.”

Sounds like a fighter already. And truth be told, he can’t wait.

“When I think about it,” he said. “My heart starts pounding.”

From BoxingScene.com

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LIFFC: The first ‘Preliminary Event’ was a huge success!


LIFFC Chateau Briand 2




Our friends from Resorts World Casino!

Hallmark Abstract Service of New York is participating in the ultimate Charity-Business win-win proposition!

And your business can as well combining philanthropy with marketing and promotion by getting involved with the Long Island Fight for Charity!

Join Long Island, regional and national firms like Resorts World Casino, Viana Hotel and Spa, The Andrew Hotel, Sazerac Spirits, Jewel Restaurant, Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa (Reno) and many more as they participate as sponsors and donors in this, the 10th Anniversary Edition of LIFFC.

On May 20, 2013 at the Chateau Briand in Long Island, New York, LIFFC held its first preliminary event that leads up to the ‘Main Event’ on November 25, 2013 that is taking place at the Long Island Hilton with an expected 1,500 spectators and businesspeople to be in attendance. Last night the turnout was in the vicinity of 300 along with members of the media.

All of the current sponsors were honored on stage and many of the donors and their products were highlighted as well.

Get your company involved by donating products you would like to highlight in one of the silent silent auctions or raffles or by participating as a sponsor receiving constant promotion for your business at an extremely affordable cost with all proceeds benefiting charity.

These are the benefiting charities and the available sponsorships. If you would like to learn more and discuss the possibilities contact boxer and fundraiser Mike Haltman, President of Hallmark Abstract Service using his phone number and email address below.

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