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Live Broadcast: Title insurance, Foreclosures, MERS, Standing and you (live radio broadcast)

The United States Foreclosure Crisis

Michael Haltman of Hallmark Abstract Service appearing live on 1220 KDOW in San Francisco

The show: The Real Wealth Show with Kathy Fettke

The topic: Who’s really got title now?

Where: The interview can be listened to below (the interview begins at 4 minutes, 10 seconds into the broadcast).

Taped on Saturday, January 29, 2011, Michael Haltman spoke about the current foreclosure crisis in the United States real estate market and the fact that in more and more cases foreclosures are being contested and overturned.

The issues are many, including things such as robo-signing, MERS, fraudulent notarizations and the failure on the part of lenders to prove that they have the Standing to foreclose. The questions are many as well, such as will foreclosures already decided be overturned, will new homeowners who purchased REO’s from bank be forced out in favor of the original delinquent homeowner and will title insurers be on the hook?



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